Second Life’s Birthday Party!

Chilling at the fireside after a hard day’s work.


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Rezzing In Meatspace: It Can Be Done!


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Miraculous Sightings In Meatspace

Yes. All worlds are full of beauty, dear friends.

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Just In Case Anyone Was Wondering What I Have Been Up To

Well, I’m real busy in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios, that’s for sure. Read all about it! And to make matters worse, I’ve also been been playing with the Windhose Movie Maker and actually got some clips together!

So I guess the YouTubez are my friend as well now. Phorrrrr!

On a sidenote, I would like to express my happiness about the fact that Ms. Ordinal Malaprop has not been loitering either: do go and marvel at her comprehensive Illustration Of The Cosmology Of The Grid!

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A Week Of Struggle In The Metaverse, With Obnoxious Databeasts And Other Mishaps

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A Sunday At The Fireside

Apuh DeVinna is a man of many talents. Watch him exhale fire like it’s the most natural thing to do!

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Sleeping Scripters Should Be Shielded From The Dangers Of the Grid


Simply click on the image to discover who I (out of the by now undoubtedly legendary goodness of my heart) kept safe from harm today!

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Bring In The Noise!


In case you might wonder what I’m up to: follow the white rabbit as it jumps from URL to URL! Saturday’s gonna be a nice day.

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Things To Do In The Metaverse When The Live Stream Is Down


One hangs around the campfire, drinking hard liquor.

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