The Magic Is Afoot


Imagine living here, amidst the Trees. Then imagine the Evening Sun caressing thee whilst thou art taking a nice long and warm Bath. Far away from the World with all its prying Eyes and curious Ears that follow thee around, all Day long, every Step thee taketh.

A gentle and warm Breeze blows as the Faeries wake up to dance (and softly sing) above the Lake. Imagine closing thine Eyes and dreaming away.


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Imps And Demons And Evil Goblins

The Horse I wrote about earlier seems to have brought some Passengers along, that have since then been nibbling at the Machine. The result: it suffers from Heart failure now and needs Surgery, a Transplantation even. And all that as soon as possible, for believe me, it truly sucketh to freeze every five Minutes (usually in the middle of a Conversation).

Get thee behind me, ye Imps and Demons and Evil Goblins! Thou hast no manners! I will lift my Wand and send thee back to the Void where thee belongest, engulfed in a blazing rage of Fire!

Auta miqula orqu, amin feuya ten’ lle!

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An Ancient Fae In The Mist

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Ye Olde Good Life

Now that, dear Reader, was a lovely Evening, yesterday, in the pleasant Company of my dearest Brother and Sister. It started out with a Quest for Light, for a House needs a warm Glow. Housewarming indeed! Thank thee so much, Cyra Dragonheart, for the beautiful gifts! Afterwards, we merrily idled our Time away around the Firebowl on my Balcony, watching the Dance of the Stars amidst the Trees in Fae Grove and in the Skies above us, and enjoying the beautiful View at the Falls in the distance.

We spoke of Matters of the Heart (a Fire always seem to feed such contemplation), and had a good Laugh or two as well. All in the Mind, so that the Folk who wandered around the Grove couldn’t eavesdrop on us. Needless to say, we were of course eavesdropping on them – haha!

True friendship knows no borders, be they physical or spiritual or even technical. And who is to say what World is real and what is not? For in the end, it all comes down to living each Moment to the fullest. And in doing so, that Moment will stretch infinately, beyond Time and Space.

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There Be Peace


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Zen And The Art Of Home Decoration

On waking up, I realized that less is more. Why on Earth did I cover the beautiful Tile Floor with rugs? And is it really necessary to pile all my Pottery up in one Corner? This is one of the Days that I can’t help but smile at my own Foolishness. Like a Child I was yesterday, dragging as much in my House as I could carry and barging in on my Friends shouting “Come and see! It is so lovely!”, completely forgetting they might be busy with other (for them more urgent) Matters.

Lucky for me, they are real Friends and will therefore not stay irritated about this for too long. I hope. And in the meantime, I will take it easy. Make myself scarce, so to speak. Count to (at least) ten and take some deep Breaths before I start blabbering in everybody’s Ears. Also, I will take my time to quietly do some real Decorating.

Oh, did I already mention that I am happy as a clam?

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All Prepared For The First Night


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Home At Last


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And Then, The Dream

On Saturday, the third Day of Spring, I was visiting a very dear Friend untill late and fell asleep on her Couch. Very rude of me, I know, but the Day had been long and tiresome. In my Dream, I woke up in the Underdark – but this time, it was a very quiet Underdark. All I heard, was the dripping of Water. There were no voices, no footsteps, not even the sound of Insects and tiny Rodents scurrying and scribbling on the Rocks. I was all alone in the Dark.


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