Along The Riverside

Imagine the early morning, with Springtime just around the corner. A very silent early Morning, as most Folk are still asleep. Now imagine walking along the riverside. A thin layer of Fog hovers above the Water, almost imperceptibly dancing in the soft breeze. The air is brittle, fresh like Dew.

Aye, tis sheer Beauty. But at the same time, just as in Life itself, there is (sometimes) a dark and deep undertow of Sadness. And eventually, the Fortunate amongst us wash up on the Shores of the fair Isle that I call Home. The land where weary Bones and Souls find room to rest. And where the Tales of all these Lives are told at the Fireside.

Time is still made by hand on this Isle, so there is enough of it for everyone.

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  1. yes, dear hexx…this is it…I often feel like this when i am on my way around this beautiful world…greetings from a dark skin friend…

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