And Then, The Dream

On Saturday, the third Day of Spring, I was visiting a very dear Friend untill late and fell asleep on her Couch. Very rude of me, I know, but the Day had been long and tiresome. In my Dream, I woke up in the Underdark – but this time, it was a very quiet Underdark. All I heard, was the dripping of Water. There were no voices, no footsteps, not even the sound of Insects and tiny Rodents scurrying and scribbling on the Rocks. I was all alone in the Dark.

I was very frightened, for the Underdark is a vast Place and I am but a tiny Hexx. Apart from that, I have fearsome memories of it that involve pain and worse. So I tried to find a way out, very silently so as not to wake any that may lay sleeping and trying my best to avoid the giant Spiderwebs in the passages.

This went on for hours on end, it seemed, and I still had not found the exit. Then, suddenly, I saw a small light in the distance, swiftly drawing near. I tried to hide behind a Rock, but it was to no avail: the Light seemed to sense my whereabouts and came straight at me.

As it was above me, I looked up, very cautiously. But instead of the Demon I expected, I saw the friendliest of Faces smiling at me. It looked exactly like I imagined the Lady of my Homeland to be, all dressed in the brightest of Lights. She nodded comfortingly and pointed towards a cave that I had not noticed yet. And lo! There were my Wings, undamaged as if no evil Fingers had ever plucked them!

Then, as my eyes filled with Tears, I felt the Lady’s Finger touch my Forehead and heard her Voice in my Mind. “A Fae”, She whispered, “should have Wings, for she is a Being of the Light and of the Spring Breeze. She should dance above the Flowerbeds and bring Joy to the weary. Comfort she should bring to the ones that are hurt. Now go forth, Child. Tenna’ ento lye omenta!”

Then I woke up. And found my Wings had returned.

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