Zen And The Art Of Home Decoration

On waking up, I realized that less is more. Why on Earth did I cover the beautiful Tile Floor with rugs? And is it really necessary to pile all my Pottery up in one Corner? This is one of the Days that I can’t help but smile at my own Foolishness. Like a Child I was yesterday, dragging as much in my House as I could carry and barging in on my Friends shouting “Come and see! It is so lovely!”, completely forgetting they might be busy with other (for them more urgent) Matters.

Lucky for me, they are real Friends and will therefore not stay irritated about this for too long. I hope. And in the meantime, I will take it easy. Make myself scarce, so to speak. Count to (at least) ten and take some deep Breaths before I start blabbering in everybody’s Ears. Also, I will take my time to quietly do some real Decorating.

Oh, did I already mention that I am happy as a clam?

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