A Fae On The Isle

It has been almost a Week now, since I last set foot in my beloved Forest. Nor have I been Home. Evil Imps freeze me there instantly and, even worse, once they do I can not leave anymore. Blessed be my dear Sisters, for offering me a place to sleep in their House on the Isle! And, of course, for keeping me Company. I love thee!

But I do miss my Forest. And my House. And all my Friends in the Mist.

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Sitting On My Brand New Orb With A Raven


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Shake Ye Olde Booty!

For what is a Birth Day without Cheer and merrily jumping around? Also, I feel that such Days should last longer than the mere 24 Hours that seem to be the Human Custom. Ah well, as I have said before (and will no doubt be saying again): amin n’rangwa edanea, mellonamin. And apart from that, it be the Birth Day of the little Miss I hold so dearly.

So do enjoy the Stream here (and if ye wish to read more about this remarkable Minstrel, do have a Look here).

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Happy Birth Day To Thee, Little One!


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In The Mist Of The Falls


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Pondering Near The Pond

“What a surprise! We have not seen ye for quite some Time now.”
“Oh? That be strange, for I do come here often.”
“Ah well, thou art probably very busy taking care of Important Matters.”
“Ehm …….”

Then the Mind is flooded with Messages, some from far away, some from nearby. I have to take Care not to lose myself! And before I know it, I am engaged in Conversation with a Gryphon. She is looking for a suitable Place to build a Lair where, if Fate will have it, she can nurture some Gryphlets.

No doubt she will soon be able to Fly. But for now, we travel by Carpet to the Falls, so she can have a Look if anything pleases her there.

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When The Living Gets Easy


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Sunrise In The Grove


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Under The Mountain


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