Ah, Such Great Splendour!


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  1. There is a common theme in these photos, not only in the Splendor photograph: Openness and closeness. These curtains are open but the view through only goes into the strongly closed inner side of an armoured castle. And doesn’t the aperture look like a mouth full of teeth biting all who come through?

    How open can we be today in a world that demands public appearance but punishes openness by crude publicity? How much do we have to hide our vulnerable selves behind avatars and nicknames?

  2. Well, actually, the Castle be very open and not all armoured. Nevertheless, thy Viewpoint be an interesting one. Maybe the common Theme of the Paintings has got to do with their quite basic Composition? All of them seem to try and draw the onlooker’s Eye to the Horizon.

    As for hiding behind otherwordly mattes such as ‘Avatars’, I would not know, for I have to admit I know very little of such Things.

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