Bold Plans, I Assure You!

Therefore only two paintings this time. A nice incentive for you to visit here from time to time! For who knows! I might elaborate on these bold plans of mine!



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A Warm Welcome To Maria And Juana!

Actually growing in the Metaverse they are, the two sisters. One in front of The Book Shop, hidden in the Forest, the other one on the terrace of my home there. And if they need water, I perform a raindance for them! So if you might find yourself in a tropical shower and get soaking wet within three seconds, whilst walking to the door of the shop:  do not worry, it will pass soon. And inside, there’s a nice hot cup of tea to cheer you up.


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A Nightly View Of Rastafairy Beach




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Metaversial Sadness


Discovering a cluster of green dots on the map, near Rastafairy Beach, I went over to take a look. I found a dancing where people were wiggling their behinds on dancepads for some L$ and upstairs, where the gambling machines used to be, a few of the so-called ‘lucky’ chairs and a lonely miss mopping the floor.

Needless to say, no-one replied when I tried to speak to them. Traffic statistics – such a h00t they are!

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Enjoying The Peace And Quiet At The Call For Arms


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