Fiyah Burn At The Beach


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At The Harvest Festival

A picture gallery in a tent?


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Hidden Amidst The Trees


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In The Red Forest

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As The River Flows

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Wondering And Wandering

Every million miles starts with the first step and who knows what lies behind the next curve in the road, or beyond the next slope? Every day, in the words of little Alice after she fell through the looking glass, I find myself getting curiouser and curiouser about the things I might encounter. Places, ideas, plans and above all: the people that bring all of these to life – not being inworld every day anymore not only created distance, it also made me love these places and people and plans and ideas even more.

“All the freaky people make the beauty of this world”, the poet sings and I would like to add that all this beauty sure is a great place for the freaky people to really get down and boogie. And me, I boogie along merrily.


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Meanwhile, Elsewhere On The Aethernets

kittens.jpgEvery now and then it happens and when it does, one can only scratch behind the ears and then stand in awe of such a a remarkable point of view. You might want to read it yourself, while I stare outside my window and think about the settling dust on the winds of time. (more…)

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The Joy Of Sharing

sailaway.jpgI noticed recently that my neighbour (who is seldom at home) started to lower her land a bit to let the water in. Now this could of course be accidental – after all, the allmighty Lindens once did it to Rastafairy Beach as well and I had to spend a fair amount of time to set it all right again. But past weekend, the water was still there so I figured she really wanted to use it. (more…)

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Rocking Da Beach On A Sunday Afternoon

sundayafternoonrock.jpg (more…)

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