The Joy Of Sharing

sailaway.jpgI noticed recently that my neighbour (who is seldom at home) started to lower her land a bit to let the water in. Now this could of course be accidental – after all, the allmighty Lindens once did it to Rastafairy Beach as well and I had to spend a fair amount of time to set it all right again. But past weekend, the water was still there so I figured she really wanted to use it.

Now I have to admit I had sort of blocked her previously open waterfront with a couple of little buildings and some bamboo. Bad, bad hexx! I pledge guilty on all charges! But that was easily repaired, and a tiny bridge just as easily constructed. So now a little creek opens her little bay up to the Rastafairy Beach lagoon and, subsequently, to the open seas that lay beyond.

She was so happy that she immediately purchased a Swan Boat from the Little Miss and her Father. And all Sunday afternoon, she was merrily taking it up and down the water. Yay! Such fun! So I did my thing with the picture you find below (entitled ‘Into The Wide Open’) and turned it into a painting which I sent to her as a present.

So I just wanted to say: the mainland is not all misery and ugly rotating banners and adfarms and shopping malls and discodancing for brainless campers. My neighbour and me get along real well!

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