Wondering And Wandering

Every million miles starts with the first step and who knows what lies behind the next curve in the road, or beyond the next slope? Every day, in the words of little Alice after she fell through the looking glass, I find myself getting curiouser and curiouser about the things I might encounter. Places, ideas, plans and above all: the people that bring all of these to life – not being inworld every day anymore not only created distance, it also made me love these places and people and plans and ideas even more.

“All the freaky people make the beauty of this world”, the poet sings and I would like to add that all this beauty sure is a great place for the freaky people to really get down and boogie. And me, I boogie along merrily.

Right now, it seems like my fiddling with paintings and books has reached a new stage. For instead of sneaking round the same island in search of those precious Kodak moments, I will be travelling again! Yay! Looking forward to it! And major kudos to the Parks & Recreation Service for kicking my lazy butt about this, even if you didn’t know you were doing so!

The changing of the seasons always does this to me. And aye, the Fall makes my eyes turn inward a bit more. As nature goes to sleep, I wake up – is this what they mean by reverse psychology? Ghehehe. If not, this definition should be added to the Wikipedias!

Apart from this fiddling with books and paintings, my residence at the Beach is slowly but surely taking form. What a blessing it is to not be into this cyberthingie one reads so much about! It saves heartache, and poseballs all over the place that make one stumble and (in the worst case) even cause severe injuries. Imagine lying helpless on the floor at a place so quiet as the Beach! No water, no food, possibly even gangreen in the broken limbs, what horror! And all my friends just thinking that I am busy elsewhere, as they are used to me not showing up every day. Apart from that, it saves a lot of space that I would otherwise have to reserve for one of those ugly beds.

Ah well. Good thing I still have enough room left for the paintings, it would be a shame to have to store them in a warehouse, or a prim, hidden from the world. I might decide to hide the shop a bit deeper in the bushes, though.

For this world needs beauty and secrets – then the late night stories at the fireside will come automagically, in the Wintertime that lies ahead of us.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

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