Leaving The Isle



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Come Let Us Rock Da House For A Bit

Got ten minutes to spare? Then click on the pic, close your eyes and let the spirit lift your day. Or night, for that matter.

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Oh Brave New World, That Hath Such Creatures In It!


A Japanese research team has developed a BCI system that lets the user walk an avatar through the streets of Second Life while relying solely on the power of thought. Read all about it!

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The Building Of A Ship


….. and so it begins! (more…)

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Throw Me Corn, Me Nah Call No Foul


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What Shall We Do?

whatshallwedo.jpg (more…)

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Iron, Lion, Zion



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Aristotelic Rhetorica In A Schopenhauerian Perspective And The Use Of The Nuclear Statement




The first major event at Rastafairy Beach (a lecture by Mr. Schort Achterbahn) was impressive, to say the least (read all about it here). And after all that excitement and food for thought…..


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Imagine Living Underground

beachcabins.jpg (more…)

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