Marhaban En El Dar Al Shims


Cynthia Wilder invited me to a skybox past Saturday, where she had models and creations lined up for a grand show, with a catwalk and a real nice musicstream. Aiwa!cynthiawilder02.jpg

And let me tell you, she does some great stuff!


Amazing textures as well, btw. Cynthia rocks!


She also made me realize what those Goreans are up to in their castles, after a long hard day of slavetrading: they send their harem to bed, dress up in silks and IM the living daylight out of each other. Typing with one hand, of course.

Apart from that, it is also obvious why certain sim-owners of the medieval persuasion do not tolerate women in silks in their lands. It’s all jealousy, my friends. As simple as that!


Needless to say, the audience gasped in sheer amazement, clutching their seats frantically.


And of course, le tout SL was there as well. Meet Paisley Beebe, the notorious Tonight Live hostess.


Plus, from left to right: Isabel Brocco (AvaStar reporter), JamesT Juno (CEO of the SL-Newspaper) and his co-CEO Dana Vanmoer.

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