Pyromania In Motion


So first, of course, what one does is put a display together. In the peace and quiet of one’s own homeground.


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Yet Another One Of Those Precious Quality Moments


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Rastafairy Iration


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Bringing Joy To Every Home


Yes, a cat. Not one of these – the left one is a cloned cat that actually glows in the dark, the one on the right is not cloned but has a real mama, and both are under a fluorescent lamp. I just liked this picture, sort of WindLight goes RL or something.

The cat that shares my loft in the metaverse is different. A pain in the ass, mostly. It doesnt listen, keeps asking for attention, has an earshattering *meow*, runs away all the time and refuses to learn how to chase the neighbour-with-the-ugly-build somewhere like, say, nine sims away.

But nevertheless, yesterday, I decided to keep it company for a while. Somehow it brings out the best motherly instincts in me.

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Smoking, That Sacred Ritual Of Peace


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The Long And Winding Road

While the tribal beaches are more and more becoming what we want them to be (with art and music and all kinds of freaky people that make the beauty of this world as well), it is nice to stumble across some nice food for thought.

Judge for yourself!

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Peace In Our Time

At Rastafairy Beach, we of course always try to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours. And being located on a continent, in stead of on a private island, that means we have to be tolerant towards ugly builds. Good, the flag of the notorious SL Alliance Against Ugly Builds flies proudly over our lands, but that’s because we value our own freedom of expression just as much as any other resident’s constitutional rights.

But then, one day, a neighbour not only places the most hideous prefab tower that I have ever seen, but he surrounds it with nasty banlines as well! The latter merely because I demonstrated a SCUD missile and showed him a picture of the beautiful particle effect it created after colliding with his tower.

Needless to say, I fear the proud flag will not suffice anymore. It is time for harsher measures! (more…)

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