Peace In Our Time

At Rastafairy Beach, we of course always try to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours. And being located on a continent, in stead of on a private island, that means we have to be tolerant towards ugly builds. Good, the flag of the notorious SL Alliance Against Ugly Builds flies proudly over our lands, but that’s because we value our own freedom of expression just as much as any other resident’s constitutional rights.

But then, one day, a neighbour not only places the most hideous prefab tower that I have ever seen, but he surrounds it with nasty banlines as well! The latter merely because I demonstrated a SCUD missile and showed him a picture of the beautiful particle effect it created after colliding with his tower.

Needless to say, I fear the proud flag will not suffice anymore. It is time for harsher measures!

So I was thinking that a flying vehicle on a collision course might get the message across. Now we do have to be careful not to upset our brothers and sisters in the USA – after all, they might be somewhat sensitive about such an event, considering what happened a couple of years ago in NYC with two more or less similar towers as the one our neighbour has rezzed.

This is what I have found:


A flying hotdog! Simple, stylish and most definately not offensive – but above all: deeply embedded in the USA culture. The road to peace is wide open again! Al hamdoelillah!

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