Just My Two Cents


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The Ban Lines Blues

And yet again: read, learn and evolve!


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Coolsounds & Magick

Down memory lane I go, to the year 1986 (or something), when Teh Internets were still science fiction for us regular folks (who might wear tennis shoes or the occasional python boots). I spent long nights in the front room of my house in those days, surrounded by amplifiers, synthesizers, guitars, percussion thingies, even a real electronic drum machine, and an old AKAI tapemachine that could record four seperate tracks and send them out as one, so I could get it all on a cassette tape.

Aaaaaah ….. much has changed since then, my friends. Or hasn’t it? (more…)

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Second Life Alliance Against Ugly Builds

Read, learn, evolve, participate! 

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Who The Cap Fits


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