Coolsounds & Magick

Down memory lane I go, to the year 1986 (or something), when Teh Internets were still science fiction for us regular folks (who might wear tennis shoes or the occasional python boots). I spent long nights in the front room of my house in those days, surrounded by amplifiers, synthesizers, guitars, percussion thingies, even a real electronic drum machine, and an old AKAI tapemachine that could record four seperate tracks and send them out as one, so I could get it all on a cassette tape.

Aaaaaah ….. much has changed since then, my friends. Or hasn’t it?

Have the Coolsounds & Magick Studios returned, or have they just laid dormant, awaiting these times? And is it really important to know the answer to that question? Coz’ we got signal, people. And it’s a strong signal indeed! Might even turn into a real live stream before the upcoming summer is done! Just gonna pick up where I left off and take it from there – got a couple of tunes inside that would love to be reborn again.

The Born Again Pagans live from Coolsounds & Magick Studios. This is gonna be a journey that might never end.


Basically, the music is created with layers of a KORG X5D synthesizer, a KORG K25 midi controller that is on speaking terms with the KORG M1 software, a Phoenix acoustic guitar and a Strat lookalike,  fed through the Behringer XENYX 1202 FX mixer into the Presonus Inspire 1394 module into Cubase to create the basic tracks. Then I use the Behringer mixer to dub the live music into the basic track and stream the whole lot with WinAmp to the Shoutcast server. Ideally, on that moment, i say hi to the friendly people at Rastafairy Beach – The Born Again Pagans’ favourite venue.

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