Things To Do In The Metaverse When The Live Stream Is Down


One hangs around the campfire, drinking hard liquor.

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One Knows One Has Been Hacking Too Long When …..

So there I was, this early morning, walking the dogs and smoking a cigarette. Nothing unusual on a weekday, so far. And, as always, I walked past a little plot between two buildings (one being a house, the other an automobile repair shop), where they started to build something a couple of years ago. The concrete floor is finished, I know they put the electric wiring and whatnot in it as well, and they put a fence around it.

And then they stopped. Nothing happened since then. Now the concrete floor is covered with dirt, the iron bars that stick out are heavily oxidated and the fences are starting to look very old. So I was wondering: who owns that little piece of land?

For a second there, I wanted to click on it to see the owner’s name and check his (or her) profile.

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The Path Of Righteousness



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Making Friends In High Places, All For The Good Of The Metaverse


No, I will not boast about it. But you could of course click on the picture and pay close attention to the tags above our heads.

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Contemplation, Meditation And Enlightenment Will Heal Second Life’s Wicked Ways


Sister hexx Triskaidekaphobia and Father Apuh DeVinna prepare to go on their quest for a better, healthier and cleaner Second Life.


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