Second Life’s Birthday Party!

Chilling at the fireside after a hard day’s work.


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A Sunday At The Fireside

Apuh DeVinna is a man of many talents. Watch him exhale fire like it’s the most natural thing to do!

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Sleeping Scripters Should Be Shielded From The Dangers Of the Grid


Simply click on the image to discover who I (out of the by now undoubtedly legendary goodness of my heart) kept safe from harm today!

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Making Friends In High Places, All For The Good Of The Metaverse


No, I will not boast about it. But you could of course click on the picture and pay close attention to the tags above our heads.

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Beware Of The Born Again Pagans!


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Just My Two Cents


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The Ban Lines Blues

And yet again: read, learn and evolve!


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Who The Cap Fits


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Pyromania In Motion


So first, of course, what one does is put a display together. In the peace and quiet of one’s own homeground.


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